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Documentation Tasks

Virtual Assistant - Documentation Tasks


  • Let us create your marketing material - brochures, newsletters, etc
  • If you have created draft marketing material, let us review it. We can spell check, proof read and format it for you - we can also check that everything has a consistent style
  • Don't know what to put on your website? Let us write the information for you
  • Need documentation, but don't have time? Let us write it for you. If you've already started, let us review it - we can spell check, proof read and format it, while checking that the style is consistent
  • Got something important happening, but no time to write and submit press releases? We can write the copy for the article

Desktop Publishing

  • We can design brochures, price lists, product lists and other documents you need
  • Documents can be printed, or if you need higher quality, we can find a printer and arrange for them to print the information
  • If your documents are not in PDF format, but need to be attached to your website, we can convert them for you, ensuring more people can read your information

Word Processing

  • Do you have a bunch of handwritten notes that have never made it onto your system for others to see? Let us type this up for you
  • Draft documentation that's never been finished? Let us finalise these documents so that they can be used
  • Need letters typed up and mailed or faxed? We can do that for you
  • We can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations (e.g. MS PowerPoint) for you

Data Processing/Data Entry/Database Management

  • Lots of business cards sitting in a drawer, but you don't have time to record the details? We can enter these contacts into your system
  • Don't have a system for recording contact details? We can help you with that too - and explain why you need this
  • Know that you need to keep in contact with your customers, but find you run out of time? We can follow up for you, including sending out marketing material, making calls and recording the responses
  • About to start a marketing campaign, but don't know whether the contact details you have are still up to date? Let us check for you - including changing details in your system

Document Scanning

  • Got documents that you need access to occasionally, but they were created before PC's were the norm? Let us scan them for you and convert them into electronic format. We can even use OCR software to convert words into text so that you can update them
  • Got faxes from customers that are fading fast? We can scan them for you and give them to you on CD or DVD - they'll last much longer that way!


Please contact us via email or telephone 03 9894 0530 to discuss your requirements.

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