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Virtual Assistant


As part of our business services, we are offering Perfect Notes Virtual Assistant. We understand that your time to focus on your business is precious, so let us take more of the day to day administration tasks off your hands.

If you don't know what a Virtual Assistant can do, see this Wikipedia page.

Of course, our main focus is on handling the IT side of things, but we can do your bookkeeping, chase payments, book meetings and similar tasks as well.


  • Do you have a website? If not, we can create a professional website for you - from initial concept through to delivery
  • Unhappy with your website, but don't have the time to fix it up? We can look after a website revamp for you. We'll suggest ideas, you tell us what you like, we'll deliver it
  • We can keep your website updated on a regular basis, giving regular visitors a reason to keep coming back to see fresh content
  • No time to track your website hits - how people are visiting your website - what they look at and what they ignore? Leave that to us. We'll let you know if some pages need more work
  • Unsure how people are finding your website? Let us investigate whether different keywords need focus or other changes need to be made
  • We can proof read your existing website pages, to make sure the style is consistent and there are no typos in your information
  • We can create or update your Facebook business page - another website to draw people to your products or services
  • Don't know who to use to host your website? We provide hosting through our associates aboc IT Consulting

IT Support

  • Do your IT systems function as you need? If not, we can investigate what needs to change and make recommendations
  • If you decide that hardware (e.g. PCs, printers, fax machines) or software (e.g. MS Word, MYOB) need updates, we can organise that and make sure the changes go smoothly - we can even do the research for you to find out what you need, where to get it and how much it will cost!
  • Do you have staff who don't know how to use your systems? We can train them - or find someone who can
  • We can create an offsite backup of your information - for your peace of mind!

Project Management

  • We can manage software installation or upgrades, from selection right through to staff training
  • We can organise hardware installation or upgrades, from selection through to installation and showing your staff how to use the new equipment
  • If you have a project coming up that we can't handle ourselves, we can still manage it through our networks of associates - or your networks of associates - from selection of suitable contractors through to supervision of the delivery of services


  • Do you need someone to keep your accounts up to date? We can do that
  • Do you keep your own accounts up to date - and want to keep doing that - but have no time to do a monthly bank reconciliation? Hand that part over to us
  • Is invoicing your customers something you put off because it takes time and effort? Let us handle that for you
  • Once the invoices have been sent, we can follow up on payments as well
  • Talk to us about paying your bills. We can open a bank account to pay the bills from, let you know when and how much money you need to transfer into that account to cover the bills due, pay them and then let you know that it's all been done. All you have to do is get the bills to us on a regular basis and transfer money in as requested

Other Tasks

  • If there is other data entry that needs to be done, we can do that
  • Do you need information on what your competitors are doing? Let us find out for you and provide you with a report
  • Do you have processes, but nothing is written down? Let us transform that knowledge into documentation, so that all your staff know how you need things done
  • No time to book meetings with customers and prospects? We can book these for you, so you just have to turn up and present to them
  • Here is a list of some of the other things that we can take off your hands
  • We have experience in most standard office software. If you think your particular software is exotic enough that we might not have used it, ask us - you might be pleasantly surprised
  • Anything else that is using up your time - taking away from your ability to actually focus on 'doing business' - ask us about it!


So why use Perfect Notes?

Despite having focused on IT, Kathy Manwaring has also had many years' experience in varied administrative roles - from temporary receptionist through to Executive Assistant. She has worked for many businesses, from a small business of under 10 employees (her own!) through to major corporates like Australia Post and National Australia Bank. See more details here.

Note that Kathy will always be your first point of contact, but there are others who are ready and willing to help her to ease your workload!


How will we communicate?

Modern technology is a wonderful thing! It lets you send me an email and know that it will almost always arrive immediately.

Or we can chat on Skype - and don't worry, we can help you set that up if you don't already use it - or we can use Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger or any other instant messaging (IM) client you use.

With mobile phones, you can always call - at the very least you can leave us a message - most of the time, you'll get to talk to us immediately.

For secure transfer of files between Perfect Notes and you, you will be given access to a personal area on our website. Of course, information that isn't so confidential can be sent as an email attachment. While there is always a courier or Australia Post for transfer of large amounts of material.


What will using Perfect Notes Virtual Assistant cost me?

Well, firstly, think about what it will save you. It will save you all those hours that you currently spend on paperwork and emails. This will leave you more time free to focus on YOUR job - making YOUR business work! So, if you're into sales, you'll have more time for sales calls and appointments - making it easier for you to land that next big deal! Once you've landed the big deal, it'll leave you more time free to manage that process - without having to worry that other things are slipping through the cracks.

As for our costs, there are a number of options available to you. Look here for details - or call us to talk about your needs.

Anything else I need to know about this?

Well, hopefully the information above gives you enough ideas to email or call us to find out how we can help you free up more time!

All customers will need to sign an agreement before any work commences, so that both of us know that all information will be kept confidential and what the other terms and conditions are.

Just a quick note - in some cases, we may need direct access to your IT systems in order to carry out particular processes. If that's the case, we will organise a direct link, ensuring that your information is secure and any information transferred is encrypted, so it can't be read by other people in between us. Perfect Notes will let you know if this is required and organise it through our Technical Support area.


Please contact us via email or telephone 03 9894 0530 to discuss your requirements.

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