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Perfect Notes is your one-stop shop for all your IT requirements including technical support, tutoring and data recovery, as well as support and development for selected business software. We are based in Melbourne Australia which means our CRM software is designed for Australian circumstances. Our technical support work is limited to Victoria at the moment for obvious reasons. (When the server in Tullamarine fails to reboot, remote support has a problem. You can do a lot of support remotely, especially if you have planned for it but sometimes you have to visit a site.) We work on site happily enough, charge very reasonable rates and are happy to move stuff around... upgrade hardware... pull cables through and the like.

As part of our business services, we are offering a new option - Perfect Notes Virtual Assistant. We understand that your time to focus on your business is precious, so let us take more of the day to day administration tasks off your hands. For more detail on what a Virtual Assistant can do, see this Wikipedia page. Of course, our main focus is on handling the IT side of things, but we can do your bookkeeping, chase payments, book meetings and similar tasks as well.


  • Customer Relationship Management plus development
  • Coordimax CRM support and development
  • IBM Lotus Notes/Domino development
  • Python development
  • Grok development
  • Zope development
  • Contract software development
  • Custom software development including custom spreadsheets or Access databases and of course anything in IBM Lotus Notes

Technical Support

  • Small business hardware, network, applications and printing support
  • Data recovery - including recovering and saving data from various media and formats. This is a speciality of ours.
  • Image editing
  • Web Design and Development
  • Home computer repair and support
  • Tutoring
  • Most of all, a resource you can turn to when things have gone horribly wrong!

Website Development

  • Website development in Plone Content Management System (CMS)  

We do a lot of work based on Plone. You are looking at a Plone site.. Plone sites offer great functionality but  easy maintenance.  You pay once for the site to be developed, then you can make updates to it yourself!    We have written some of the ecommerce software that allows Plone to run shopping websites so well.  

Plone  allows for collaboration and workflows - different people can work on changes to the website and they can go through an approval process before the world sees them.   Plone can have complex and custom extra  functionality programed in by us if you require.  

Our associates at ABOC IT Consulting offer reasonably priced Australian based hosting for Plone and Wordpress sites.   We can organise all of that.   Note that we do not take a cut for this,  our deal with ABOC is simply that we are a resource for Plone development for their clients


  • Website development in Drupal Content Management System (CMS)
  • Website development in WordPress.  Which is also a CMS  in reality
  • Plone and WP website support - development changes and enhancements
We have experimental development websites for all the above on a local server and so can quickly determine if unusual requirements are in fact substantially possible.   (Of course getting it right takes longer.)  

Virtual Assistant

  • Website development and updates
  • Software and hardware installation and updates
  • Bookkeeping
  • Data entry
  • Research
  • Proof reading
  • Create and update documentation
  • Book meetings/travel

Please contact us via email or telephone 03 9894 0530 to discuss your requirements


Perfect Notes have many years of experience in IT technical support and in software development and maintenance.


Bike Life Director, Dean Miller states...

"Perfect Notes are great for getting a personalised touch to your IT needs. We are a business that emphasises a point of difference and some of the IT issues that result, need an "outside the box" approach to solve. Perfect Notes have been great at delivering that service for us. "

So if you need assistance with IT consulting or advice.please contact us via email or telephone 03 9894 0530 to discuss your requirements
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