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Yes - this is the stuff we have available to sell.


Perfect Notes CRM

Perfect Notes CRM is an Australian Customer Relationship Management software solution designed for the small to medium business. These businesses need a simple, straightforward, centralised CRM solution that will not cost a lot, has all the basic processes required to streamline their business efficiencies, and can readily be customised to meet the particular requirements of an individual business.

It was designed with the following core aims:

  1. Be entirely Australian designed and developed
  2. Store details of contacts – whether attached to an organisation or not
  3. Track activities against each contact
  4. Record general notes against each contact
  5. Send and record emails to and from each contact
  6. Search all information recorded
  7. Escalation of overdue interactions
  8. Allow files to be associated with a contact
  9. Report on lack of contact with people, to ensure no one 'drops off the radar'.

Perfect Notes CRM was written and is supported by us. Imagine how nice it would be to actually be able to speak to the designer or developer about problems or new features.

CRM Dashboard

Your business will always have the most up to date information available – and everyone will be able to see what the last interaction with your customers was, so no one will have a nasty surprise when contact is made. When you think about it, inefficient management of contact with customers is responsible for a large number of the headaches and costs of a small business. The solution to this is simply Perfect Notes CRM.



Perfect Notes CRM version 1 is in release. Running on the well understood and easy to implement IBM Lotus Notes/Domino platform it is robust and stable.

Perfect Notes CRM version 2 is in development. Some screenshots will be coming soon although in appearence it will be very like version 1.

It will be state of the art, web enabled, cross platform and will address some customer concerns by not running on the IBM Lotus Notes/Domino platform. We think these concerns are unfounded but we listen to our customers.

Some more information about release 2 can be found in the News page.

Anyone implementing version one gets an extremely cheap upgrade to version 2 if they decide to go that way. We will try seriously hard to make these customers happy.


Plone Site Hosting

As commented on on our News page, Perfect notes has found itself in the web development and hosting market. All a bit unexpected. We are offering Plone hosting with a shopping cart and GetPaid allowing at the least VISA, Amex and PayPal. It will be able to talk to Oz post for shipping. (We are writing that bit.) All content on the site can be made saleable so you can use it to sell online content as well. Contact us for more details

Plone is a really neat content management system that pretty much packages your web site into one data file making backing up and moving the site much easier than alternatives.



Online Business Database Management Tool

Well, that's what we are calling it anyway. OK - this only exists as a roughed out bit of code this week. It's not going to be hard to do however. We just want some feedback as to whether it's worth the effort first.

What it is going to be is a piece of software to manage the inventory of someone who is (for example) running both a small shop and an online store. If you have an item up for sale on eBay obviously selling it to a walk in customer or on another online forum could be an issue. What this solution will do is manage the stock so that you only need to maintain one inventory list for all your business. It will tie into (for a start) the eBay API which means you will be able to drive the eBay stuff from within it.

The idea here is that we will just sell this as a bit of software for about $40. It will be a consistent if small earner for us. But the value-add for the customer (yes, you) is that we will put extra features in it and not charge for them. So you want some feature, you tell us about it. We make the changes, and email you to that effect. You buy the software. Everyone else gets the new feature... whatever it is.

Anyway that's the idea. What do you all think? Is it a solution to a problem you have? What would be?

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