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Ready to go live

Well.. not ready.   Not enough time for development.   But its close enough.   We will put the plone version of the site up the moment I sus out how to swap the mail across.   And cull the old version from Vidmans server and see how we go. With this one live then I will be way more likely to keep it current... link it to ongoing work and projects,  and generally get more interaction happening with the rest of the world.    That has to be good. was the very first domain we registered as a business.. and its had a very low priority since.   It should be right up there; after all its the most visible part of our business but you know mechanics always have crummy cars.   In my brothers case he always has my cars..  I send them to him to get them fixed and never see them again.     At least to date he has not had the nerve to send me a bill.   Anyway it turns out we registered PN with a company called Distribute IT      If you follow the link you will see that Distribute IT were hacked.. lost all their 4800 customer sites and all their data and went broke.  Our domain name was obviously unaffected.  Its a cautionary tale about the importance of off site backups.  

Distribute IT went broke.   Quite a lot of small businesses such as ourself went broke.  We run our own websites.. actually do have complete copies of all of them... and host most ourselves (or with ABOC IT Consulting with whom we have very close ties)   The old version of our site however is on another associates server, Vidman Design.  Anyway the point is we were totally unaffected by Distribute IT,s collapse  except that we now have to regain control of our domain name.   Distribute IT has been reborn as who I will bet are serious about backups.   Hopefully sorting it all will be a non issue.  For us anyway.  

The hacker who took down Distribute IT was caught and doubtless is not enjoying life in jail atm.   

And TPP have already sent me the details I require to move our website name around.   


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