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Old news is good news

News from the current website.. A little outdated and OBE but it might as well be saved.


22nd August 10:

Perfect Notes now promotes FineTunebiz Cashbook! Click here to see the details - and remember, we can keep your records for you if that helps.

22nd May 10:

Perfect Notes Virtual Assistant service has been launched! Click here to see the details - now, we can focus on the boring bits of your business, while you are out making it work.

We can look after:

  • Your website
  • IT support - management as well as delivery
  • Bookkeeping
  • Anything else that is slowing you down - ask us about it

20th May 10:

Plone website development is progressing. We have a test site that will be available (for those who need to test it) either tomorrow or by Monday. We have another test site in development and have started to move our own website into Plone - to prove that we use the products we recommend!

The CRM and OBDM software products are progressing, although slowly due to the other work occurring.

Watch this space - we may be branching out into other areas, based on other skills that we and our associates have!

8th April 10. By David:
It's been an interesting few months. A lot has happened and you can expect a lot of updates to the web site in the next few weeks... actually mostly in the next few days. So a few quick notes in the interim.

Firstly, the CRM is awfully close. The new version. Development is on hold just at the moment... a few other things have got in the way. We have some work running linux servers in the US and a couple of other Australian cities. In fact as I write this in Melbourne, I am backing up a machine in the US to a machine in Brisbane using my wireless lappy on the front porch. Which I find wonderful. I really need to set up a blog page on this site.

In conjunction with ABOC we are doing some Plone hosting and web development. I am suprised to find us in this market... would have thought that there were more than enough players already. But people keep asking. For serious design input we use the seriously brilliant David Rafferton of Vidman design.

Plone hosting and actually going back into Unix administration has been a steep learning curve. Kathy has found herself learning another complex bit of software. Plone (which is a website content management system) is written in Python... we like python. We now have a module called GetPaidrunning that allows a shopping cart to run on the site. Kathy is just finishing writing a module to interface with Oz Post. Yep you can run a complete shopping portal from our plone sites. Cool huh?

Oh. And I now have a blog

15th November 09:
Kathy has the first few pages of the new non notes version up and running. It has taken a lot of work to get to this point.
We will be using the fast and powerful Python programming language and the Grok web application development framework which itself sits on top of the Zope 3 open-source, object-oriented web application server. Complicated huh? The object oriented nature of Zope makes it easier to port our application from Lotus Notes. And our product keeps all the best features of Notes. Notes has more in common with the object-oriented approach than it does with a more traditional relational database and these differences work well with this sort of application.

It took us a while to find the right platform and do a proof of concept but this works. It is also cross platform and open source, robust yet cutting edge. All very nice. It should run faster as well. Certainly the bit we have working runs blindingly fast. It's all happening!!

28th October 09:

Perfect Notes IT now has a Privacy Policy
Yes, a frustrating afternoon's work by David has resulted in this masterpiece. Unlike most on the web, this one is supposed to be human readable. If you see anything I missed do send me an email.

Perfect Notes CRM is now available. Do you want to have input into its features?

Currently it runs reliably and has all its specified features functional. We are now interested in gaining feedback from other businesses.

Perfect Notes CRM is designed to

  • Store details of contacts – whether attached to an organisation or not
  • Track interactions with each contact
  • Record general notes against each contact
  • Send and record emails to and from each contact
  • Search all information recorded
  • Escalation of overdue interactions
  • Allow files to be associated with a contact
  • Report on lack of contact with people, to ensure no one 'drops off the radar'.

We are currently looking for small companies who want to test and give feedback about this product. Ideally you will be located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne (in Australia not Florida), have somewhere between three and twenty employees and be willing to work with us to improve the outcomes.

In return we will

  • Set it up for you.
  • Train you.
  • Customize the product for you.
  • Write desired features into it for you (subject to these being technically possible and justifiable)
  • Sell the full version to you at a hell of a discount!
  • Upgrade it to the web enabled full release for you free when this becomes available.
  • Look after you as a special customer forever.

It will cost you a few meetings and all the usual processes required to switch to a new software package. It will gain you software that better meets your needs and a responsive relationship with your developer. Because we only need two or three takers for this offer to work with us, approach us quickly if you are interested.

Currently Perfect Notes CRM runs on Windows and on Linux under Wine. We are using it ourselves. We will get it running on Linux without Wine and on Mac OSX later, although this can be brought forward if interest is shown.

Contact or phone 9894 0530.

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