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CRM progressing and we now do Plone website design

8th April 10. By David:
It's been an interesting few months. A lot has happened and you can expect a lot of updates to the web site in the next few weeks... actually mostly in the next few days. So a few quick notes in the interim.

Firstly, the CRM is awfully close. The new version. Development is on hold just at the moment... a few other things have got in the way. We have some work running linux servers in the US and a couple of other Australian cities. In fact as I write this in Melbourne, I am backing up a machine in the US to a machine in Brisbane using my wireless lappy on the front porch. Which I find wonderful. I really need to set up a blog page on this site.

In conjunction with ABOC we are doing some Plone hosting and web development. I am suprised to find us in this market... would have thought that there were more than enough players already. But people keep asking. For serious design input we use the seriously brilliant David Rafferton of Vidman design.

Plone hosting and actually going back into Unix administration has been a steep learning curve. Kathy has found herself learning another complex bit of software. Plone (which is a website content management system) is written in Python... we like python. We now have a module called GetPaid running that allows a shopping cart to run on the site. Kathy is just finishing writing a module to interface with Oz Post. Yep you can run a complete shopping portal from our plone sites. Cool huh?

Oh. And I now have a blog


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