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Around The Bay in a Day (ATBiaD)

Not everything is work or site related

Around The Bay in a Day (ATBiaD)

Team Splat! finish 2011 ATB

Perfect Notes IT has had some green aspirations over the years and tries to have a lowish impact on the environment.  Our love of cycling is not a secret, but we have not made it a prominent part of this site to date.  However I am going to document on the site that we sometimes use bicycles for site visits and the like.  Only with those clients who are understanding of bikes and lycra, which does rule out some clients.    

David is 'Directeur Sportif"' of a little track team.  We went and did the Around the Bay  last Sunday (16/10/11).  Conditions were very tough and the ride is 210 km around Port Phillip bay in, as you might guess, a day.  I blogged this on my personal blog here, so you can read about our day.  


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