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Viewing orders

Note that all images below are taken from a standard Plone website - your website may have a different look, so the images are only a guide, they may not be exact.

If you are selling products on your website, sooner or later you'll receive orders. You can choose be notified by email, but you can also look at orders on the website. Here is how to find out what people have purchased.

1. Log in to your website with the Login Name and Password that we gave you, if you are not already logged in. (You will see a Log In section at the bottom of the Navigation on the left if you are not logged in). Instructions are here.

2. Find the Site Setup link on your website. This is usually at the top right hand corner of the screen and appears on all pages.


3. Go to the GetPaid setup. Under the Add-on Product Configuration heading, click GetPaid.



4. Click Orders.



5. The default is to show orders placed over the past 7 days, with any status. However, you can search for other groups of orders.

a. To search for older orders, select a different value from the Created list.


b. To search for orders with a particular charging type, you can select a different value from the Status list.


In most cases, you would leave this as the default, but you might want to search for orders that were refunded or where payment was declined.

c. To search for orders which have been fulfilled - or not - select a value from the Fulfillment list. You might need to search for an order that was delivered, for instance.


d. Once you have selected the options required, click the Filter button.


The selected orders will appear in the Orders list.

6. To view details of a specific order, click on the Order Id in the order list.




7. Initially, there will not be a Fulfillment status. Note that you do not have to use this process.

a. If you want to record the processing of the order through to delivery, click the create button under Fulfillment.


This will set up the Fulfillment area. You will also see a new entry in the Order Log.


b. If you need to cancel the order, click the cancel-new-order button.



c. If you process the order, click the process-order button.



d. You can cancel the order at any point by clicking the cancel-order button.


e. When you deliver the order, click the deliver-processing-order button. This will record that the order was delivered and complete processing.



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