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Adding PDF documents as Newsletters

Note that all images below are taken from a standard Plone website - your website may have a different look, so the images are only a guide, they may not be exact.

Keeping your customers up to date with changes to your products and services can be easy. You can email out newsletters, or you can store newsletters on your website and email your customers a link - this saves on space for everyone!

Most people have (or have access to) Adobe Reader, so PDF is the easiest and most widely used format for your newsletters. And you can add a link anywhere allowing people to download it - Get Adobe Reader.

Just create your newsletter in whatever program you are most comfortable with, then save it in PDF format.

Then save the PDF file in the Files area of your website, following the instructions here.

1. Log in to your website with the Login Name and Password that we gave you, if you are not already logged in. (You will see a Log In section at the bottom of the Navigation on the left if you are not logged in). Instructions are here.

2. Navigate to Home.


3. Click Contents.



4. Click Files.



5. Click Newsletters.


6. Click the PDF file for your newsletter.


7. Note the file name.


8. Navigate to Newsletters.



9. Click the Add New... button.


10. Select Link from the list.


11. Enter the Title of the newsletter - e.g. June Newsletter.


12. Add a description - let people know about what's in the newsletter to encourage them to open it.


13. Remove the http:// from the URL box. Replace it with /xx/files/newsletters/filename.pdf - where xx is the initials for your website (DMS in the image below) and filename.pdf is the file name you noted in step 7. above.



14. Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.



15. NOTE - the Link will be created as Private.

This means that you can see it, but nobody else can. This allows you to create the Link and THEN let the world see it, when it is ready.

16. When you have finished setting up the Link and are ready for it to be seen by everyone else:

a. Navigate to the link.

b. Click the State: Private button.


c. Click Publish.


Now your newsletter will be seen by everyone else.

17. If you have Newsletters as an option on the right side of your website, you will immediately see the new entry there.


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