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Adding or changing your logo

As part of designing your website, we will have put added your logo. However, if you change to a new logo, here are the instructions on how to change the logo that is seen on the website.

Note that all images below are taken from a standard Plone website - your website may have a different look, so the images are only a guide, they may not be exact.

0. Make sure that you have the logo file accessible from your PC - you need to be able to browse to the file using Explorer. It needs to be a jpg or png file. It needs to be at most 150 pixels in height.

1. Log in to your website with the Login Name and Password that we gave you, if you are not already logged in. (You will see a Log In section at the bottom of the Navigation on the left if you are not logged in). Instructions are here.

2. Find the Site Setup link on your website. This is usually at the top right hand corner of the screen and appears on all pages.


3. Go to the Zope Management Interface.

a. Under the Plone Configuration heading, click Zope Management Interface.


4. Go to portal_skins.

a. Scroll down until you see portal_skins (Controls skin behaviour (search order etc)). Note that this list is not quite in alphabetical order.

b. Click portal_skins.


5. Click custom.


6. Click logo.jpg.


7. Upload the new logo to replace the existing one.

a. Click the Choose File button.


b. Browse to the new logo file.

c. Select the file and click the Open button. This will return you to the logo page.

d. Click the Upload button.

e. The new file will appear.

8. Return to your Home page.

a. In the top left of the logo screen, you will see Image at /xxx/portal_skins/custom/logo.jpg. Click on the xxx part of this, which is the name or initials of your company.


b. Click View.


c. You are now back at your Home page and should see the new logo.

If you do not see the new logo, refresh the web page.

(ierefresh.png in Internet Explorer, firefoxrefresh.png in Firefox, chromerefresh.png in Google Chrome, etc).

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