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Adding a new tab/category or subcategory

Note that all images below are taken from a standard Plone website - your website may have a different look, so the images are only a guide, they may not be exact.

Your website comes with some basic categories setup for you - Home, Services and/or Products, News, Events, etc.

As your website grows, this may not be enough. To better organise the information you want people to read, you can add new categories or subcategories.

1. Log in to your website with the Login Name and Password that we gave you, if you are not already logged in. (You will see a Log In section at the bottom of the Navigation on the left if you are not logged in). Instructions are here.

2. Navigate to where you want to add the new category or subcategory.

a. If you want to add a new category, which will appear as a tab across the top of the website, navigate to Home.


b. If you want to add a new subcategory, say Networking under the Services category, navigate to Services.


3. Click the Add new... button.


4. Select Folder from the list.


5. Enter the Title you want to appear as the category or subcategory.


6. Add a Description if you want.


This will appear when people hold the mouse over the tab at the top of the page if this is a category, or when the mouse hovers over the title in the Navigation.

7. Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.



8. NOTE - the category or subcategory will be created as Private.

This means that you can see it, but nobody else can. This allows you to create the folder, add the pages and THEN let the world see it, when it is ready.

9. Add pages to your new category/subcategory, using the instructions here.

10. When you have finished setting up the new category or subcategory and are ready for it to be seen by everyone else:

a. Navigate to the category/subcategory.

b. Click the State: Private button.


c. Click Publish.


Now your new category/subcategory will be seen by everyone else.

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