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A green company.

PerfectNotes IT tries to be a responsible company, trying to minimise its impact on the environment.

Well we do what we can.   As everyone should.

At  Perfect Notes we believe that we have to help reduce greenhouse gasses and play whatever part we can in reducing the impact of global warming on us all.

This is a small gesture in the overall scheme of things, but in a small way it's helping.  Our office is run on renewable energy (green power from our local electricity retailer).  Wherever possible our people ride bicycles to client sites rather than drive cars (we hope most of our clients respect this policy, it does mean that we don't often wear suits!)

We offer discounts to approved green businesses. eg: if your website is related to approved greenhouse gas reduction schemes, such as solar or wind power, increasing bicycle use or improving the efficiency of current infrastructure, contact us and ask us for a discount.

We  dont go quite as far as our host provider ABOC IT Consulting  who is responsible for much of the wording in this policy.  They undertake to plant a number of trees for every client signed.  On the other hand we are entirely happy to  wield a shovel on occasion. 

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