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About Perfect Notes

ABOUT US The company, people, policies and philosophies.

The Company

Perfect Notes IT is a  Melbourne Australian owned and based small  business.

Perfect Notes started out as a software development company developing a particular product.    In response to a changing market we are now much more a web development company.   We develop software and websites for small companies that require more than a presence on the web.   We also do hardware, and other technical support for these same companies and in many cases succeed in being their 'one stop shop'.   

We  develop web sites in Plone, WordPress and Drupal.    We don't host ourselves but we can organise hosting,  domain names and the like.     We believe in the iterative design philosophy where we approach perfection slowly and have a long term relationship with the client.     

We develop software, in a variety of languages to do custom, mostly web related tasks for small businesses with special needs  .  You wind up owning properly commentated code that another developer would be able to build on.   This is usually not the case when dealing with cheaper indian based developers.   

We are approachable.  You can talk to us.  if we cant help you we will tell you.  If its impossible we will tell you that.  If we dont know if its possible we will find out for you.     



Things you may not care about.   

Perfect Notes is a green company.  Whenever it's suitable we try to use bicycles or motorcycles for company related trips.   We have a strong  long term interest in cycling... commuter cycling and track racing.   

Our other philosophies include throwing away old hardware with regret and only in the pursuit of real improvement, and a strong belief in the diversification of operating systems and in the inherent strength of Unix based computing systems

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