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Perfect Notes IT


Perfect Notes is an Australian web and software developer for small business.   

We understand that small businesses in the modern world are as reliant on IT as large companies. We understand your need for reliable and effective IT solutions.


We provide the following services:
-Web side development.    We specialise in Plone  


- Technical support and advice for your small business.    


- Customised software specialisation.


We help to keep your costs down and your ability to generate income up, by allowing you to outsource the boring, time-consuming stuff to us. We're a small business too!


"Perfect Notes takes the terror out of terabytes for us –

it's just not worth pulling your hair out,

when any issues we have can be fixed quickly

and with a minimum of fuss"


Ian Gosling, Dromana Mower Service


We are IBM Lotus Notes/Domino specialists, but we speak other languages.

We also offer general small business networking, support, consultancy and data recovery services.

We do website development. Until recently, it's not a market we have pursued. Everyone has a relative at University 'doing' websites and we assumed the market was saturated - but we keep being asked to do this work. These are mostly the more sophisticated sites i Plone, Drupal, JoomlaWordpress and Shopify.

We do however do maintenance for normal non CMS HTML and CSS type websites for a couple of our customers.  These sites are easy to do somewhat more difficult to maintain and a lot less capable.  It is however all some businesses need. 

Expanding the services we offer to support your small business, we have launched Perfect Notes Virtual Assistant - this means we can handle some of the day to day drudgery of keeping your business running, freeing up your time to do more with your business! Have a look here for more details.



Perfect Notes is located in Blackburn in Melbourne's leafy east.

Please contact us via email on or telephone 03 9894 0530 to discuss your requirements.


Perfect Notes - CRM, IT consultancy & support



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